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Can any (every) human being on our planet be (or become) wealthy?

Absolutely yes, when the five physics components of creation and manifestation are learned, well understood, aligned with each other (from within an individual), and consciously practiced each and every day of one's life.

Consciously knowing that these components exist, understanding them, and aligning all of them from within us is crucial when one wants to create anything—wealth (money creation http://www.i-am-wealthy.com ), health (living well past the century mark http://www.health-care-etc.com), unconditional loving relationships http://unconditional-love-of-self-and-all.com), or any other desire (or life situation) imaginable.

Gratitude for one's life in all areas is absolutely fundamental—to not only create what one desires, but most importantly be able to maintain those desires—such as wealth, success, prosperity, health, happiness, and unconditional love, etc. always, and in all ways.

The five physics components of manifestation (creation of anything and everything) are:

  • Desire—you want something in your life...
  • Thought—do you think you deserve to have it? Or not?
  • Belief—do you believe you can have it? Or not?
  • Felt Emotion—do you feel positive about having what you want? Or not?
  • Outward Actions—are you taking actions towards your desire? Or away from it?

All five physics components HAVE to be aligned in order to create one's desires, as well as and very importantly to maintain one's desires throughout life. Once you are totally aligned consciously you give thanks all day long that you have _____, _____, and _____, etc. (whether or not you actually have the desire, you give thanks regardless as if you already do have it). You then go about your life happily and before you know it you will have your desires

Again, many times throughout your day it is SO important to consciously focus upon gratitude for everything in your life—everything that you currently have AND for everything that you want and don't yet have. If you want something and believe it to be possible for you give thanks that you already have it... and before you know it you will actually have it—you will be experiencing in your life (your current reality) what was just a short time ago an unmanifested desire...

No one else can do this for us; it's like learning to walk as a young child; we each have to figure it out. Once you do figure it out you get to be on autopilot for wealth with regard to every realm of life—be it financial, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, vibrational, energetic, etc...

Wealth is not just about having some money (or lots of it). Many millionaires and billionaires are not wealthy even though they happen to have money. On the other hand, some people who are not millionaires or billionaires are indeed VERY wealthy.

Financial wealth is also specifically about how much time your money supply allows you to have on an ongoing daily basis to enjoy your life at every chronological age (how much free time you have to do exactly what you want).

Each individual's wealth situation is always uniquebecause it evolves directly in accordance with their desire for money, their thoughts (about their desire for money), their beliefs (about their desire for money), their felt emotions (about their desire for money), and all their outward actions taken (about their desire for money). This paragraph is fact, not a belief or philosophy; and is based on physics wave theory thoroughly explained in my WSH book. To purchase printed full color interior copies visit: www.bit.ly/SuOy7S .

Financial Scenario #1

According to Social Security the average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker was about $1,230 at the beginning of 2012. [http://1.usa.gov/144JxMP] Of course that number fluctuates monthly based upon the total amount of all benefits paid, and the total number of people receiving benefits, but let's just look that amount for this example. If an individual truly owns their assets (they have no mortgages, loans, or other debt), and is also physically healthy, their monthly expenses could easily be well under this amount creating a net gain every month. A person in this situation is wealthy. And if that same person happens to have a few bucks in the bank (not stock market related in any way—cash in FDIC insured banks) say $5,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more they are very wonderfully wealthy indeed. This person either way would never have to work again even living to 100 plus years. To learn how to live well past the century mark happily and healthfully please visit my other Web site: www.health-care-etc.com

Financial Scenario #2

Contrast the above with the billionaire who spends a million or more dollars each year. That is a LOT of money (a huge amount of energy) to continually create and maintain year after year after year that might provide some short term happiness, but may not offer (or maintain) long term wealth on all levels (including health and unconditional loving relationships). When one spends every waking hour working (doing things) to create money, there isn't much time to relax and enjoy what having lots of money can so easily provide.

Wealth is also a state of mind and is a choice based on individual desire. Not everyone desires to be wealthy. We all must respect the choices of those who choose consciously or unconsciously not to be wealthy. Some people love to spend their time telling everyone how unwealthy they are (or how sick they are, or how awful their relationships are). And the more time and energy anyone gives to being unwealthy, the more unwealthy they become—again thank you physics wave theory (explained thoroughly in WSH).

Being consciously and completely honest with yourself about your true desire(s) is the first step. No more lying to you ever about anything from this moment forward. It's OK if you want to be a billionaire. It's OK if you don't want to be a billionaire. You are the only person who can determine what it is that YOU want. Consciously acknowledge what you want first. Write it down in this form as one example: "I give thanks I am wealthy always and in all ways." Be sure to preface any affirmation of your desire with "I give thanks" because of the never ending importance of conscious gratitude.

Once the desire is consciously known, your thoughts, beliefs, felt emotions, and outward actions ALL have to be in alignment to create and maintain the desire. If a person wants a billion dollars and they do not think, believe, and/or feel that being a billionaire is possible, it's not gonna happen... Desire, thought, belief, emotion, and action all have to be aligned.

(The same is true with physical body health -- if an individual wants health and does not think, believe, and feel they can be healthy at every chronological age, they absolutely can NOT—regardless of any and all well-intentioned outward actions. Again, thank you physics. For more information regarding physical body health please visit: www.health-care-etc.com).

(The same is also true with unconditional loving relationships—if you want unconditional love from others and you do not currently think, believe, and emotionally feel that you can have this, you cannot. For more information please visit: www.unconditional-love-of-self-and-all.com)

Money (like everything else including each one of us) is energy. And whether an individual has plenty of money, enough, never enough, or none) is a direct physics wave theory reflection of how that particular individual desires money, thinks about money, believes about money, emotionally feels about money, and how they outwardly pursue (take steps) to routinely receive money. The outward action of ”doing” something is just one component of five. All five components need to be consciously and deliberately focused upon. After you "get it" the subconscious takes over—just like learning to walk.

Many people currently (and I give thanks this is changing) only concentrate on their various outward actions taken to receive money like “working for a living” for example. Society teaches us this—grow up, get a job, make money, etc. What the majority of individuals are at the moment unconscious about (and therefore consciously unaware), is the fact that those other four components of money creation (desire, thought, belief, and felt emotion) HAVE to be in alignment with all outward actions taken. This is not negotiable, it is physics. What we think, believe, and feel, reflects back to us just like an echo in a canyon regardless of any and all outward actions taken.

Thoughts, beliefs, and feelings from within us have far greater creative power than do any outward actions. Why? Because everything (yes, everything) outside of us is a reflection of what is within us. Those for example who continue to think, and/or believe, and/or feel emotionally from within them that they never will have enough money will never have enough money regardless of their outward actions taken. That’s why so many who are struggling to get their hands on money continue to struggle because their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that create poverty are continually being thought, believed, and felt pretty much non-stop throughout the day. We truly cannot control anything outside of us, only what’s inside of us (because everything outside of us is a physics wave reflection of within). WSH explains this too in great detail.

An individual can haphazardly chase money their entire life or they can allow it to come to them easily, effortlessly, and routinely by aligning their desires, thoughts, beliefs, felt emotions with all their outward actions taken about money.

Again, it’s not only about “working for a living” to make money – (the outward action of “doing” something) — it’s predominately about how one thinks, believes, and feels ABOUT “working for a living.” Many people currently choose to work “hard” (WSH printed page 57). Of all the people who work “hard” some of those “hard working” folks have plenty of money, some have enough, some never have enough, and some have none. Why? Again, because money creation does NOT happen only from the outward action step(s) taken. If it were only about “working hard” everyone who worked hard would have lots of money; and we all know that is clearly not the case. Desire, thought, belief, and felt emotions from within each individual HAVE to be in alignment with all their outward actions to create and maintain money or anything else in one’s life like physical health [www.health-care-etc.com] and unconditional loving relationships [www.unconditional-love-of-self-and-all.com].  

So, can an individual make (create) lots of money easily and effortlessly? Absolutely. How? First, there has to be a genuine desire to create money easily and effortlessly. Second, THEY must think, believe, and feel that creating money easily and effortlessly is possible for them (no one else matters). Third, they have to feel really great about what they are doing; and they have to feel great about their life in general. And most importantly they have to be grateful for what they currently have as well as for what they truly desire (and are about to receive). The inner focus has to be on “having lots of money and being sincerely thankful for it” and not on the lack of money when any outward actions are taken. (If a person wants money they cannot focus on, or think about not having money ever again; they must instead always focus on and be grateful that they have lots of money). Never ever let your mind go where you don’t want your body to follow.

I give thanks that my WSH book helps you in ways you have not yet imagined. Once again, color printed versions may be purchased at http://www.bit.ly/SuOy7S

Have a happy, healthy, wealthy day today, always, and in all ways, Steph

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